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Thailand is a popular destination for many, which is not surprising when one thinks of all the excitement the country has to offer.  At the same time the prices are very low so you pay far less for all shopping, food and excursions than you do on a “boring” sight seeing tour in european countries.
One of the first things that can be highlighted in Thailand is the beautiful climate. The country is perfect for those looking for ex

otic beaches, palm trees and ocean, and there are numerous beaches. Everything from almost deserted islands to busy beaches with plenty of activity and high “party factor”. Thailand is also a paradise for diving and snorkeling, and the temperature of the sea is more than comfortable. North of Thailand, there is so much incredibly beautiful scenery and so much well lived culture that one can only wish for in our own lives. Thailand has  alot to offer whether you want sun and sea, or want to experience Thailand outside the main tourist sites.

Thailand has an acreage of just over half a million square kilometers and is about as big as France. The country stretches out, in all of 1770 km from north to south, and the elongated shape means that the climate is somewhat varied. Thailand borders Myanmar to the west, Laos to the northeast, Cambodia to the east and Malaysia to the south. The “Golden Triangle” in the north, meets many borders between Thailand, Burma and Laos all at once.
In Thailand, there is a warm and humid climate throughout the year, and the average temperature is from 28 to 35 degrees. At night it is usually only a few degrees colder than the day. The high humidity makes it feel hotter than it really is. The warmest period is from March to May and the rainy season is between June and September.  High season for tourists and the “coolest” time is between October and February.
Thai is considered a very difficult language to learn. Thai is an audio language that has hardly any grammar, making that a word can mean up to 5 different things, but expressed in different ways. When one is visiting outside the tourist areas, it pays to have an interpreter with you, as the locals generally can not speak one word of English. In the major tourist towns and islands, the locals speak a sort of mixing language that you can make yourself understood with. I like to call it “baby-english”.
Thais are a proud people who are easy to get in touch with. They are hospitable and happy to help. They appreciate courtesy and a smile, and have very little time for those who can not control ones temper. In Thailand you have to remember to smile a lot, and not raise your voice in a discussion. You will not get anywhere with aggression, remember either to take it all with humor and a smile. If you feel cheated by a seller or there are any other things you are not satisfied with, say so but with a pleasant and jocular manner, and they’ll respond, in most cases, with the same courtesy.
For Thais the head is the most important part of the body, and it is seen as highly inappropriate to touch it to someone elses. At the same time one should be careful to not point out to someone the bottom of their feet. Going nude or topless on the beach, kissing or petting in public places, etc. is not respected in Thailand.
When you go to a village outside the big cities, it is important to look at yourself as a stranger and respect the people’s customs and living habits. Do not shoot wildlife with cameras without asking first, and do not hand out well-meaning gifts without having clarified this with the village leader.
Among the other “rules” that should be mentioned is that one must get up in the cinema when the national anthem is played before the show and that you always have to take off your shoes before going into a temple, and one should not step directly on the thresholds either.


In shopping malls and hotel shops, prices are determined, and it is expected that you should not haggle. But however the street markets are where negotiating is a necessity. Most salespeople are poor at English, so they usually place prices with a calculator.  You can get the price down to between half and two thirds of the original offer and you both should be pleased.
Thais in general not expect tips, but if you smile and give a symbolic amount, you’re always well received at the next visit. Most common is it to give tips in restaurants and bars, but feel free to give a little to the hotel staff to help get you better service and also to some of those who clean and wash your room.
Most hotels and restaurants have a flush, which we are familiar at home, but there comes a bit outside the towns and at some petrol stations are toilets of a very simple design. They have no seat, but a hole in the floor with some water in it. Besides, there is a bucket of water and a ladle to wash it down with, and they have hardly any toilet paper, so it pays to have a roll in your bag .
Thailand is more than just beaches and palm trees. History and religion make their mark in the country, so you feel that you are far away from home during the holidays. At the same time, it is one of the safest places to be a tourist, and locals are always friendly and helpful to strangers.
Activities offered are endless in Thailand. Besides everything you do on the sea and beaches, Thailand has exciting jungle areas, beautiful scenery, abundant wildlife, an exciting culture and delicious food. In Thailand you can buy most things at a very reasonable price, and the country is called “copy-land”, some clothes, watches, sunglasses, etc. make their mark on.But most of the replica selection is still good quality and looks quite like the original in most cases.
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