1. Kaew Tah Pee

Chisanu a blind millionaire who lose his love after he has a car accident that make him blind and his girlfriend leave him to marry another man.
One day, he meets a pretty kindergarten teacher, Nathlada, who just lose her love and almost commit suicide. But She changes her mind after she sees a hopeful blind man like him. She thinks that he is a poor fisherman. Her kindness touch his heart and he doesn’t want to lose her again, so he proposes to marry her and she accepts it even though she thinks that he is a poor blind fisherman.
After their marriage and Nathlada knows the truth, they go to France to have a surgery. However, Chisanu’s ex-girlfriend wants to return and does everything to separate them.”

2. Paradise Diversion

“Leela is going to get married in a few day but unfortunately, she and her groom have an accident. Her groom dies but she survives. Kid, their litigant, also loses his wife in that accident either. Anyway, he helps Leela for her medical treatment costs and take care and restore her mind’s state.
After he knows about Leela, he falls in love with her and proposes her to marry him. Though she doesn’t love him, she accepts to marry him. Later, when she knows that he has a son named Kawee, she want to take revenge with him because Kawee is a guy who she used to fall in love with when she was young, but he returns her with his arrogance.
Kid allows Leela to bring her family to live with him, so she bring her younger sister, Narin, younger brother, Rermrerk and her mother to live together. That enrages Kawee who disagree with his father’s new marriage.
When Kawee live in the same house with Narin, he always put his hatred and anger on sweet Narin, Leela’s sister, every time when he quarrels with Leela. With Narin’s beauty and her sharp talk, Kawee involuntarily falls in love with her and keep being jealous of Pawan, a guy who has a crush on her.”

3. Jam Loey Rak

Hirit Rangsiman, the pearl farm’s owner in the south of Thailand, is very angry and vengeful after Harin, his only younger brother commit suicide because Sansanee, Harin girlfriend, breaks up with him.
Harit wants to take vengeance on a girl who cause his brother’s death, so he kidnaps her to torture, but he doesn’t know that a girl who he kidnaps is Soraya, Sansanee’s cousin. He still believe that Soraya is Sansanee no matter how Soraya tries to tell him.
Soraya wants to repay her debt of gratitude to Sansanee because Sansanee used to save her life from drowning, so she accept this punishment instead of her beloved cousin.”

4. Love Rotation

Weir, in this lakorn, is a grape plantation owner, he has a younger sister, who falls for Pinky’s boyfriend Pulpat Attapanyapol. Weir’s sister claimed that Pulpat impregnates her.
Pinky who just got back from oversea is devastated with the news. She got drunk and drugged by a guy to a hotel to be raped. Weir sees what was happening and saves her. He takes her to a hotel. When she wakes up, she thinks Weir had raped her. Since then, she hates him. At that time, Weir didnt know that Pinky is Pulpat’s girlfriend.
Not wanting Pinky to ruin his sister happiness with Pulpat, Weir forced her to a force marriage. He used the incident at the hotel to convince everyone that they are “husband and wife”.

5. Ginger is spicy, Galang is hot

Nit, a fiesty, young journalist, has just quite possibly made the biggest mistake of her career: she’s reported a man who is very much alive to be dead! While Khun Sailanan is willing to forgive her professional misstep, his son, Bowee, is not. He takes an instant dislike to the young woman, who just so happens to be the sister of his girlfriend’s father’s mistress.
After several fated encounters, Nit meets Bowee’s mother, who has been staying in an insane asylum, of her own free will, for many years. The bad part is that everyone else thinks she’s dead. Khun Ruthip falls in love with the spirited young woman, and wants her to become her daughter-in-law. However, Bowee’s already practically engaged to his clingy girlfriend, Penh.
What will become of these two once they’re connected by a forced marriage? Will they ever reconcile with one another and let go long enough to fall in love? Or will Penh, her mother and nosey bestfriend destroy their blossoming romance?”

6. Klin Kaew Klang Jai

“Jitta’s family and Akkee’s family are bound with business, so they want Apo, Jitta’s daughter and Asanee, Akkee’s son to get married. Apo tries to opposes it because she has a boyfriend named Johnny. Same as Asanee, he refuses this marriage and is very angry at his father. They quarrel until Asanee drives a car and has an accident. Akkee dies and Asanee becomes blind.
Panu, Asanee’s uncle, wants to possess their property and business, so he plans to make Asanee sign the document to assign authority to him. Panu also forces Asanee to sign the marriage registration with Apo and sends him to Klin Kaew House on the island. Apo resists to go to take care of a blind man like Asanee, so she conspires with Mesa to send Prapai to go there and pretend to be his wife instead, and Apo sneaks away to be with Johnny, her boyfriend.
At Klin Kaew House, Prapai unwillingly pretend to be Apo. Asanee think she is Apo, so he hates her because he blames her that she causes his father’s death. Asanee tries to tease her all the time. However, although she wants to run away from him, Prapai patiently tries to take care and help him to do everything by himself as a blind man can do.”

7. Mae Ka Khanom Wan

Baipai is an engineer girl, but she likes to dress as a guy, so many people often misunderstand that she is a guy. She’s good at martial art because she has been trained from her uncle, the former Muay Thai champian. However, she’s also good at cooking food and making dessert because she has been trained to do it since she was kid by her grandmother and aunt.
She just quits her engineer job because she has problem with her boss. So, she gets the idea to open her own Thai dessert shop. One day, Baipai accidentally meet Wacharawat, a handsome mafia boss and the owner of the entertainment complex business. They had a fight.. Baipai disguise as a man to revenge.. Bla bla bla..
However, Wacharawat is enchanted by her cooking skill and it makes him wants to stay closer to her, so he tries to win her heart.

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