Oh! My Girl!!

Oh My Girl
Oh My Girl
Kotaro Yamashita living as a freelance author in a printing house, and he also makes the current mobile phone novel trend at that time. Arrive arrive start their lives change after the emergence of two women in his life.
The first is a small celebrity aged 6 years and her manager. Because forced to live on a roof with two people before he made the rules to make the difference between them.
However after living with the second person Yamashita began to appreciate the long time relationship in the family is small. Take it slow build smooth harmony among them and also to build good relationships with artist managers, the Fuji Mineko.

“Seigi no Mikata” is an adaptation of the comedy manga created by Chiaki Hijiri. Mirai Shida as Yoko, a jovial girl who always tormented by her sister the evil that is tempered Makiko, who played by model Yu Yamada. Meanwhile, Yoko her sister know the nature of the original, evil desire Makiko always ended with the results for the benefit of others, making him called as a “defender of justice.”

Proposal Daisakusen SP

Proposal daisakusen SP
Yamashita Tomohisa and Nagasawa Masami play as a guy and girl who are friends since the primary has been. Yamashita character, Iwase Ken, is a hard-headed and not experienced in issues of love, but ever since he first fell in love on a girl is fun, Yoshida Rei, played by Nagasawa. But Rei almost already married to another man. At the time Ken and friend from high school friends attend the event wedding, angel appear and send Ken back to the past, gave it a second chance to get the girls love him.


In “Galileo,” Fukuyama Masaharu as a genius scientist and member of the association university professor, Yukawa Manabu, who are difficult to solve the mystery. And better known as Tantei Galileo ( “Detective Galileo”), Yukawa is genius, and berpostur sportswear, but high and tampas but slightly weird. Partners Yukawa police are beginners, Utsumi Kaoru (Shibasaki Kou district), tempramen women who have a strong
Hanayome to Papa

Ishihara to play as women aged 20 yr career working in the designer clothing company’s dreams. His father, played by Tokito, he love his son too excessive to a condition that forced her son to comply with the rules in her home: come home before 7:00 pm, may not be related to the type of opponent. However, he fell to the ideals colleagues, played by Taguchi, and engaged women.

Papa to Musume no Nanokakan

This narrative comedy series Kyoichiro (Tachi Hiroshi) and children remajanya Koume (Aragaki YUI). One day, they both train together after visiting mother-in-law Kyoichiro. He was seen as an opportunity to better know their children far more, but that would happen otherwise – with a mysterious power, Koume both Kyoichiro and exchange ideas with a different body! But eventually, they have no choice except to exchange their lives as well, ostensibly to make himself into disekolah and in the workplace.

Kimi wa Petto

After passing through a bad day at work and dropped out of a painful love, Iwaya sumire played by Koyuki returns to the apartment with a wistful, depression, and most importantly lonely. However, in front of the apartments he found a young man who fainted in a sprawling cardboard box. Feeling pity on it, he took him into apartments and merawatnya to recover. And for pemudanya, played by Matsumoto Jun, become better condition he started like that and the apartments and decided not to leave him. In fact, he was able to do anything to him, also requested that if he stayed in to allow in the apartment. Sumire see in the image of the golden retriever dog that he had when he was still a small joke with him and said, “You can stay if you want to be peliharaanku animals.”
Which makes it surprised, that the youth agree. And he was as Momo.

Ichi Rittoru no Namida

Children aged 15 years, Ikeuchi Aya is just a normal girl, daughter of a family who worked at a shop Tofu, and will be a high school student. However, the end of the end of this strange occurrence is often override Aya. He often end late this fall and running into strange way. His mother, Shioka, bring Aya to a doctor and the doctor tells Aya that Shioka affected disease spinocerebellar degeneration – where the dangerous disease cerebellum otaknya become degenerate to a condition where penderitanya can not walk, speak, write, or eat. Disease which is very cruel, because it is not thought to have an effect on the edges. How will Aya react when told he will be a disease in deritanya? And how will Aya live afterwards?

Himitsu no Hanazono

Himitzu Hanazono
Tsukiyama Kayo is an editaor of a fashion magazine. Reverse of the industry of luxury fashion, Kayo always ends with a pile of work provided by the friends of the young. To kelimanya in successive years, he spent a year back a day alone in the office.
One day, chief editor, Kawamura Ryoko says that the fashion magazine Kayo is the responsibility of the akan stopped. Therefore, he moved to the comics editor for the girl, a part where he does not like it at all. Kayo akan responsible for Hanazono Yuriko, a comic artist who is very popular. When he arrived at Hanazono Yuriko luxury apartment to retrieve the newest manuscript, Kayo meets Ichiro Tanaka, editor of the old publisher saingannya. He has been working with the comic guy for 20 years. In the back room there are 2 men, who seem asistannya. With the arrival arrive, ask them to buy Kayo pakain girl. They need it for example komiknya characters. As a beginner editor, Kayo not dare to reject it.
Subsequently, Kayo goes to town looking for the right clothes. But when he tried to clothes, he resletingnya destruct. Not able to remove it, he was forced to leave the shop and go around the city with light clothing.
When Kayo finally returns to the apartment, the boys have to prepare food. He can not accept it again and cried, “I am here to meet Hanazono Yuriko!”
“We are Hanazono Yuriko.” Kayo twirl to see men who have told him nyuruh. He was shocked after knowing that Hanazono Yuriko is actually consists of 4 brothers, Wataru, Osamu, Satoshi, and Hinata.
Kayo and warned not to divulge this secret. Kayo still surprised, but now, the main goal is to get her manuscript before tomorrow morning. He appealed to the fourth brother to make, but they say “not tonight” and leave the apartment.

Haken no Hinkaku

Oomae Haruko is a contract worker dengna value of A + that never smile or spread the word frog-sharp, and home work on time. But is like mocking the show indicates that he has something painful and hidden. Satonaka Kensuke recently promoted to become head of S & M’s Marketing Division. Placed with a group of children that fruit pro-poor ethics, he strives to lift the image of divisions to be better. When Oomae placed in Kensuke department, he felt himself to do more work than he did before. This is a drama that shows situtasi behavioral differences between contract workers and permanent workers, and how to overcome the problems in personal relationships. This followed the October employment report by the Ministry of labor, which menunjukkna that, after regulations dilonggarkan, a comparison of workers and permanent contract workers has been increased twice as compared with eight years ago.

Sinetron atau drama serial yang terkenal di Negeri Sakura.

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