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Japan has always been a very colorful country with a lot of sophistication and elegance in its people. Well, apart from all these things one more thing that we admire about Japan is its traditional attire, Kimono. It has been a dress that has come a long way and people of Japan still wear it. Though the designs and prints have changed a lot but a Kimono bears a touch and resemblance to those made in the earlier times. If you want to don the Japanese fashion, then there could not be a better start than buying a Kimono, that gives you the feel of Japan and as well as make you look aristocratic and well- dressed. Have a look below for the different kind of Kimonos that are available nowadays and how to wear them in a perfect way. So, just pick the right style for yourself and get into a traditional yet very cool attire of Japan.

Japanese wedding Kimono

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Kimono is a must wear in the Japanese weddings. The traditional white Japanese wedding kimono is known as shiro-maku in which shiru means white and maku means pure. Then there is an elaborated silk kimono with beautiful colors and prints which is worn by the bride at the wedding reception.

Furisode Kimono

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This one is the most formal type of Kimono that is usually worn by unmarried young ladies. It is made up of brightly colored silk with very beautiful prints and long sleeves. It is one of the most beautiful attires in Japanese fashion. Girls are seen adorning this attire for the social functions, wedding ceremonies of friends etc. It helps in giving them a very traditional yet chic look.
Modern Kimono
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Modern day appearance of this attire is not very different from the traditional one but far more comfortable to look at. The sleeves have been cut a little shorter just to avoid them hanging a bit too low. To give it a more funky look there are different accessories like bows, stars, beads etc added to them.

How to wear a Kimono

1) Wear the white socks first as it will later on be difficult to wear them when you have put on the robe and the belt.
2) The traditional undergarment worn beneath a kimono is next to wear. It consists of a white top and skirt.
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3) Now put on the kimono with keeping in mind that the back seam is perfectly in the centre. This is the most important part and will add grace to your outfit only if you take care of the seam.
4) Now wrap the right side of the kimono and overlap it on the left side.
5) Don’t worry for the length of the kimono as it should be long enough. Now wrap broad Japanese belt around your waist and you are ready in a perfect attire of Japan.

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